Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Right after I got married, my husband said he needed a haircut. I told him to run down to a quick hair cutting place and get one. With a puzzled look, he said he had always had his hair cut at home. At that point, I had never cut anyones' hair before. So, he handed me the scissors and I have been cutting his hair for 16 years. Sure, there was a haircut or two while learning, that wasn't perfect, but the great thing about hair is, it grows! When each one of our 6 kids came along, it was just natural that I cut their hair too. At this point, I have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars by doing my own families hair.

To make haircuts more fun, I found this haircutting chair at a store that was going out of business for $39.00. When I pull the chair out, the kids love getting their haircut in it. Haircuts at home, have just become more time together as a family, while saving money in the process.